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Mutambara In Brutal Assessment Of Mnangagwa


Former Deputy Prime Minister in the Government of National Unity (GNU), Professor Arthur Mutambara has accused President Emmerson Mnangagwa of embodying the worst aspects of his predecessor, the late Robert Mugabe.

Speaking during an interview with a local online television, Mutambara highlighted issues of corruption, tribalism, incompetence, and insecurity plaguing the current administration.

“Mnangagwa is a crude version of the late Robert Mugabe on corruption, on tribalism. On incompetence, he is worse because he has no finesse. Mugabe had an element of finesse around him, but this one is very crude in terms of naked corruption and naked incompetence,” said Mutambara.

Mutambara suggested that the current leadership’s insecurities contribute to their quick resort to force and repression.

“These guys are insecure, very insecure, very incompetent and they are very quick to use force because they doubt their legitimacy, yet Mugabe had a veneer of legitimacy as the founding father of the nation, who brought independence and carried out the land reform programme,” Mutambara said.

He also hinted at a potential return to active politics, indicating that if the current administration continues to fail, he might reconsider his retirement from public life.

“If they continue failing, I might have to reconsider my retirement but for now I am teaching. I am a professor and director at the University of the Future of Knowledge, but I keep my options open.” said the former deputy Prime Minister.

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Prof. Mutambara recently launched his book, “Ideas and Solutions: In Search of the Elusive Zimbabwean Dream.”

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