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Mutsvangwa Slams Anti-Government Economists, Supports ZIG Currency

Zanu-PF national spokesperson Christopher Mutsvangwa has launched a scathing attack on anti-government economists who have been critical of the new ZIG currency.

Addressing journalists at the party headquarters in Harare on Monday, Mutsvangwa defended the currency and President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s decision to adopt it, labeling those who oppose it as misleading and misguided.

“Gold has always been the mainstay of Zimbabwe’s economy. In precolonial times, the Great Zimbabwe civilization thrived on gold. Our history is rooted in the wealth and power of this precious metal. President Mnangagwa’s decision to introduce the ZIG currency and back it with gold is a logical step that aligns with our heritage,” Mutsvangwa said

He further criticized the economists’ fixation on the United States dollar, emphasizing that the reliance on a foreign currency was not sustainable in the long run.

“The anti-government economists have a fetish for the US dollar, they worship it. But the United States dollar is less than 300 years old because America became a country around 1779. All this civilisation existed before America became a country,” he said

Mutsvangwa pointed out that the introduction of the ZIG currency aimed to establish a more stable and independent financial system for Zimbabwe.

In a sign of support to the new currency new currency, Mutsvangwa highlighted President Mnangagwa’s symbolic name change to “Emmerson Mr. Strong Zig Mnangagwa.” This alteration, according to Mutsvangwa, signifies the President’s confidence in the ZIG currency and its potential to strengthen the nation’s economy.

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