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Minister of ICT Launches “Digitalize Zimbabwe” Initiative in Domboshava

Digitalize Zimbabwe

In a groundbreaking ceremony, the Minister of ICT, Postal, and Courier Services, Honorable Tatenda Mavetera, Friday took the helm in introducing the Digitalize Zimbabwe initiative to the community of Domboshava.

Joined by Dr. Chirume, the permanent secretary of ICT, Minister Mavetera fervently championed the cause, urging the residents of Domboshava to embrace the vision of Digitalize Zimbabwe for the year 2030.

“We are dedicated to ensuring that the youth of Domboshava have unfettered access to the internet and are equipped with personal computers, as part of our broader mission to digitize Domboshava,” Minister Mavetera remarked passionately.

Speaking on the significance of nationwide digital transformation, she elucidated on its profound effects, citing the transition from conventional Post Office services to the ease of online transactions conducted from the comfort of one’s home.

“The resounding call to Digitalize Zimbabwe is reinforced by the President’s decision to entrust me with the role of Minister of ICT, underscoring his visionary faith in the youth to propel the nation’s digital evolution,” Minister Mavetera added.

Prominently emphasizing the educational advantages of digitalization, she highlighted the accessibility of online learning facilitated by computers.

“Gone are the days when education relied solely on in-person instruction; today, learning is facilitated through online platforms. As witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic, students seamlessly transitioned to remote learning environments,” she noted.

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Minister Mavetera further advocated for virtual healthcare consultations, touting the convenience of accessing medical advice online.

Assuring uninterrupted network connectivity, she affirmed ongoing collaborations with major service providers such as Econet, NetOne, and Telecel to offer affordable devices and broaden internet accessibility for all.

Additionally, Minister Mavetera underscored the government’s unwavering commitment, citing the installation of a network booster in Domboshava as evidence of President Mnangagwa’s dedication to enhancing digital infrastructure nationwide. She also unveiled plans for online currency access, reaffirming the government’s determination to foster universal digital inclusion.

During the launch of the Digitalize Zimbabwe initiative, the unveiling of the Digitalize Zimbabwe Magazine and the Presidential Internet Scheme marked significant milestones, ushering in a new era of technological advancement in Zimbabwe.

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