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My Dismissal From Zanu PF Was A Blessing in Disguise: Mujuru


Former Vice President, Joice Mujuru believes her dismissal from the ruling Zanu PF was a blessing in disguise as she never thought that one day, she would be leading a progressive movement, the National People’s Party.

Mujuru who was expelled from the ruling Zanu PF in 2013 on accusations of plotting to overthrow President Robert Mugabe said she is still in the dark on why she was booted out adding that she is no-longer interested in what happened in the past as she was innocent of all the accusations leveled against her.

“I still do not know why they thought that I wanted to do such a thing.  I am still shocked that the man, (Mugabe) I have known since the struggle turned against me,

“I do not know if they still have something on me but as for I am no longer interested in everything which happened during that time.


It is actually a blessing in disguise because I had not thought of coming up with a political party that I will lead,” said Mujuru in an interview with 263Chat at her Chisipite home.

According to Mujuru, President Mugabe encouraged her to call for a press conference to retaliate against attacks from the first lady Grace Mugabe but she found it absurd considering that it could have been misconstrued as an attack on him.

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She added that when she offered to resign, Mugabe told her that she cannot do that while those older than her were still serving.

Mujuru said she is happy that the world now knows the truth following revelations by another expelled Zanu PF member, Godfrey Tsenengamu who told a press conference in 2016, how with the involvement of Mugabe, they choreographed to attack her at State house.

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