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NBS Partners Land Developers to Address Zim’s Housing Backlog


The National Building Society has committed to addressing Zimbabwe’s housing backlog through partnering land developers to roll out more housing projects around the country.

Speaking at the Amalinda housing development ribbon cutting event in Harare last week, NBS acting Chairman, Nimrod Chiminya said they will be partnering land developers in their upcoming projects as they work to avail more affordable housing to the people.

“This project will see 65 families realize their dream and we are extremely proud to be associated with like-minded partners who share our vision to avail affordable housing and to help address the country’s national housing back log.

“Going forward, we expect to partner with other stakeholders, in particular land developers so that we can expedite more projects and our interest will be specifically in mobilizing low cost finance, which is one of the missing ingredients in the current housing delivery matrix.

“We are confident that with the cost of money addressed we will start to see more people access housing,” said Chiminya.

He added that NBS is set to open more branches in response to high demand for their services.

“Judging by the response that we have already received from the market, people from all over Zimbabwe are waiting for us to come to them in terms of branches, services and extension of mortgage finance.

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“I assure you that we are working around the clock to make ourselves available to you and will look to leverage ICTs including Internet and mobile banking platforms to do so,” he said.

Speaking at the same event, Minister of Public Service, Labor and Social Welfare, Prisca Mupfumira said NBS’s work was in line with ZIMASSET’s social service and poverty reduction cluster.

“The work that NBS is doing certainly falls in line with the national economic blue print ZIMASSET’s pillar on social service and poverty reduction, which mandates NSSA to deliver affordable housing stock to Zimbabweans.

“Today we witness the culmination of a journey that has been traversed for the past few months and a number of pension contributors will today realize their dreams of owning decent, affordable and may I say very beautiful homes,” said Mupfumira.

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