New War Veterans Outfit Apologizes for Past Elections Violence

A section of the liberation war veterans under the newly formed War Veterans Peace Initiative have called on Zimbabweans to observe peace ahead of the do or die 2018 general elections saying no enemy is worth killing during the elections.

Addressing the media in Harare on Wednesday, Zvakanyorwa Wilbert Sadomba who is the Secretary General of the new outfit said their objective is to safeguard the ideals of the liberation struggle and promote the legacy of all war veterans by preaching peace and reconciliation in the country.

“The objective is to safeguard the ideals of the liberation struggle and promoting the legacy of all War Veterans by preaching peace and reconciliation in our communities.

“We fought the liberation struggle, earned our freedom and independence through intense fighting, for which we must continue jealously safeguarding our country’s independence and protecting the masses we liberated,” said Sadomba.

He added that the war veterans peace initiative is being established to assist in rehabilitation and welfare of all ex combatants for appropriate reconciliation.

“Zimbabwe War Veterans Peace Initiative must guarantee our rehabilitation and welfare for appropriate reconciliation and integration in our communities.

“If we the war veterans promote peace, reconciliation and national unity, our objective of taking up arms against the colonialists will be achieved,” said Sadomba.

Meanwhile, chairperson of the new war veterans outfit, Wilfred Marimo admitted that war veterans were at the forefront of intimidating opposition supporters in the past elections.

“If you read the bible, there is a story of Saul who was a sinner and later on he repented and was changed to Paul just like us, we are saying we have repented and we no longer want to intimidate anyone but we want every Zimbabwean to come together and we say no enemy is worth killing in Zimbabwe.

“We are non partisan that is to say we accommodate everyone from any political party ,any organization that deals with peace and many more and we say people should not fear us anymore,” said.