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No Negotiations on the Indigenisation Act: Zhuwao


Belligerent, Youth Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Minister, Patrick Zhuwao, says there will be no negotiations on the indigenisation as he is mandated to implement rather than negotiate the law.

These remarks surfaced at a breakfast meeting organized by the Herald Business and Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries (CZI) to brainstorm on the economic environment at a symposium that run under the theme “Economic Outlook 2016”.

“I’m not here to discuss or negotiate whether indigenisation is good or bad. It is an Act and law of the land and I’m here to implement it, simple as that,” said Zhuwao who claims that he is the new sheriff in town.

“Let’s have a conversation on how the law can be implemented,” added Zhuwao.

He vowed that the controversial law will not be packaged in a different way, but maintained that the law is applealing in its current state.

“I cannot package the law differently my responsibility is to make sure there is compliance to the law and the frameworks are about compliance to the law. I cannot sugar quote it anyway this is the law of the land,” he said.

The self-proclaimed New Start Centre, openly divulged that part of his main duties was to serve the interests of his boss and make sure that he fulfills the duties assigned to him by the President.

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“Part of my mandate requires putting in place measures to fulfill a promise that my boss made of creating 2, 2 million jobs,” he said.

Minister Zhuwao indirectly attacked those who rally behind Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), saying they should pave way for him to effectively execute his duties.

“Those who think that FDI is the one and only answer to our economy please go ahead but in the same way that I will not stop you in securing FDI pleased do not stop me from executing my own  my mandate

However, the incendiary Sheriff pleaded with the captains of industry to read the Act rather than wait for someone to interpret the law to them.

“My simple plea to you is, read the act do not let someone read it for, you for you will be deceived.

“There is nothing new in the new in the so called frameworks, it is the same statutory instruments, still the same subsidiary legislations and still the same general notices, “he said.

Responding to a delegate who had proposed for a reconsideration on the 10% indeginisation levy, Minister Zhuwao said, “My appetite for the levy is at 10%. When you read the frameworks as business you have to decide what you want to pay in terms of that levy because I have put in place systems of moderating that levy. I will not moderate my appetite for 10% rather you moderate on how much you want to pay.”

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