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Destiny For Africa Network Expands Into The Region

MUTARE– A religious based Pan African housing development cooperation, which provides affordable housing solutions for low income earners, has expanded into the region.

Destiny of Africa Network leader, Reverend Obadiah Musindo said on Saturday, DaNet has opened offices in seven regional countries under a vigorous expansion drive targeting regional and international home destinations.

“We have opened our doors in DRC Lubumbashi and Kinshasa, Malawi we are in Lilongwe and Blantyre, Zambia, South Africa that is in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban, Namibia and Botswana.

“We will also open internationally in UK and US by August this year we will have set up proper offices in 20 countries with members already in those places, we have members in all these countries but we are yet to officially open that’s all that’s remaining,” he said.

Musindo said DaNet will concentrate on its major portfolio of social housing while prospects for horizontal expansion are in the pipeline.

He also said they were in the process of setting up offices in London and USA while they have struck a deal with the Chinese government.

“From end of April to July concentrating on London, there are too many Africans that are in the Diaspora, we also look forward to opening in South America Brazil Bahamas. We are going to penetrate through a network of churches in US, we are there working with the African Americans.

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“In some countries we will, look at business and economic opportunities, cultural exchanges, covering may sectors of life.

“We will focus on the main area of social housing and development at regional and international level while on the domestic front we will spear head youth empowerment. We also have representatives in China with a sister organisation there called Destiny of Africa China Network promoting people to people between China and Africa,” said Musindo.

DaNet has plans to open a trade office to facilitate business in Dubai for local cross boarder traders as part of its drive to empower local Zimbabweans.

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