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ZWL$5 Million For Flood Prone Areas

The Department of Civil Protection has availed ZWL$5 million to flood prone areas to ensure speedy reaction in case of heavy rains, 263Chat can report.

This came after reports that Zimbabwe is likely to experience heavy rains with some areas expected to receive over 50 millimetres in one day and in exceptional cases up to 100 mm in 24 hours.

A forecast by Southern African Development Community Climate Services has predicted a greater likelihood of heavy rains in many parts of the region, including central Zimbabwe.

Mutare, Hurungwe, Tsholotsho and Lions Den have had heavier rains since last Thursday.


In a statement, the Climate Services Department said Southern Africa region is likely to face floods.

“Central-eastern Angola, north-western Botswana, Comoros, central-to-south-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, northern Madagascar, northern Malawi, Mauritius, north-eastern Mozambique, central-to-north-eastern Namibia, central and northern parts of United Republic of Tanzania, central South Africa, north and southern of Zambia and central Zimbabwe have a high probability to receive heavy rainfall above 50mm in 24 hours during the forecast period from February 27 to March 4, 2020.

“There are indications that rainfall amounts may exceed 100mm in 24 hours. These rains are likely to result in localized flooding in certain areas.”

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