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Opinion: l dream of meeting president Mugabe .

l dream of being in the most revered office in the country, to step into that one house wholly painted white. l dream of meeting the man that drives this country, to breath the same air as he does and share a cup of coffee.

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l dream of getting an answer to that one simple question, why has our president made us get in the history books over and over again for all the wrong achievements?

Why have we stuck in an era of dictatorship whilst all other countries are embracing  democracy? Why has he chosen  to be along those failed statesmen like ldi amin, Mobutu  Seseko , and that Libyan dictator who just could not relinquish power.

l want to ask if he wakes up each morning and smiles at his face in the mirror and acknowledges he has achieved greatness, if he believes he has left behind a name that will be lifted amongst the greats and etched in time immemorial.

l want to meet my president, have a chance and shake the hand of a man who has made me live on one of the poorest countries on earth. The only thing with being poor is you can change your fortunes given the opportunity and yet our state is overwhelmed with resources-diamonds,gold, platinum wealth beyond reason, l pray we do not strike a vein of oil- so then why does he not save us from this poverty and clamp corruption, why does he reward the corrupt, are his ideologies of a team that he has dirt on so they serve him with fear and gratitude.

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l hope my dream materialises because only one man can answer my questions. If he also dreamt of a country whose industry would not hum at night, thermal power stations would shut down in cities where urbanisation was taking place, farms that would grow grass and turn idle, streets that would be dotted by vendors.

If my dream comes true, and l pray it does maybe l might know how our president’s ideology is centered on and maybe he might show me what country he wants to build, maybe he has a grand plan and will unfold but l would rather be like every other country and move forward and have just my basic needs  met.

That’s my dream Mr President.

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