Palestine Castigates Punishment of Its Prisoners In Israel

The Embassy of the State of Palestine in Harare has condemned the Israeli’s occupation authority’s acts of collective punishment through brutal raids and attacks towards Palestinian detainees and their family members.

This follows the break free of the six Palestinian freedom fighters from Israeli’s high-security Gilboa jail.

The Palestinian government accuses Isreal of using the apartheid system to suppress its citizens who are held prisoners.

“Israeli apartheid authority has embarked on a terror campaign against the Palestinian administrative detainees and their families by escalating its aggression through brutal assaults, arrests, torture, solitary confinement, denial of their provision of food, water among other human rights guaranteed to them by the international law.

“Palestinians live in appalling conditions and are subjected to harsh treatment such as physical and psychological abuse: arbitrary beatings, excessive use of solitary confinement, torture and the denial of family visits,” the statement reads.

There are about 520 Palestinian administrative detainees, 4650 political prisoners including 200 child prisoners and 40 women.

According to Palestinian statistics, more than 230 Palestinians have died in Israeli occupation jails through torture, medical negligence by Israeli prison officials and real intentions to kill them.

“Collective punishment is prohibited under international law and we call on Israel to free all Palestinian detainees held in administrative dentation in Israel jails without charge in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

“The Israeli raids and attacks against Palestinians are war crimes that require urgent international intervention, in order to protect and liberate our people,” the statement further reads.

The State of Palestine says it is disappointed with the international community’s failure to take action against Israeli violations in the occupied Palestinian territories since 1967.

“We, therefore, call on the international community to condemn and hold Israeli occupation power for its crimes against Palestinians,”

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