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Politburo did not ban use of social media: Moyo

Zanu PF Politburo condemned party fights via any and all media but did not ban use of any media for progressive rational purposes a senior party official has said.

Higher and Tertiary Education Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo who has already started tweeting and discussing the outcomes of the Politburo meeting refuted utterances by some party members that the use of social media use was banned.

This comes in the wake of some party members how have castigated Moyo’s continued use of Twitter despite it being ‘banned’.

Speaking to The Herald  Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA) Secretary General  said “Unfortunately, someone who was in that Politburo meeting today (yesterday) has already tweeted something about the party and attacking The Herald.

He added that “I think what the party should focus on at the moment is teaching its members discipline and party ideology. Discipline is important at all levels to avoid careless speeches that we saw some people presenting yesterday. “People should be taught discipline and not what we are seeing today where one making the loudest noise is the one who carries the day.”

However, writing on his Twitter  Professor Moyo  vowed that he will continue engaging with the citizens of Zimbabwe on the micro blogging platform.

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Professor Moyo swore that as long as party members who are not in the  Politburo continue abusing state media,he will also continue using social media to air his views.


In response to a Herald article titled Social media ban gets thumbs-up Minister Moyo said party members are obliged to communicate outcomes of meetings and policies.

Scores of Twitter users expressed their enthusiasm over Professor Moyo’s presence on the micro blogging site.

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