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POSB Augments ATM Infrastructure


The People’s Own Savings Bank (POSB) is setting up 30 advanced Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) across the country with the initial batch of 15 ATMs having already been rolled out as the bank seeks to expand its reach to clients as well as enhancing convenience.

The move is informed by digital banking infrastructure gaps which discriminates most Zimbabweans from accessing financial services in this digital age.

Speaking on the ongoing rollout POSB chief executive Officer, Garainesu Changunda said the bank was focusing on financial inclusion to meet customers’ expectations.

“The launch of the ATMs is just one of the many initiatives that POSB is implementing to take banking services to the people in line with its mission to provide simple, responsive, innovative and inclusive financial solutions through modern technologies,” said Changunda.

While the Bank has established robust digital platforms and encourages its customers to use these for non-cash transactions, it remains cognisant of the diversity of its clientele base and their unique needs.

“We are also privy to the digital divide, hence as part of our thrust to promote financial inclusion, we are building a vast agent network, ensuring that even those in remote areas with limited access to digital platforms, they can still access banking service in line with the President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mantra that we should leave no one and no place behind,” he added.

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In addition to the ATMs, which will bring the much-needed convenience, POSB is also running Alternative Payments sites for pensioners, where the Bank uses more than 30 Zimpost Offices during pensioners’ pay days to allow the elderly to access their NSSA and government pension payouts conveniently in their local areas without having to travel long distances.

In partnership with Zimpost, POSB has also introduced agent off-the-counter services in strategic areas where the POSB customers can access the Bank’s services such as cash withdrawals and deposits, loan applications and opening of instant accounts, among other services, at selected Zimpost offices, including Zimpost Nkayi, Ngundu, Harare Main Post office, Gutu and Mt Darwin. More Zimpost offices will soon be added to offer off-the-counter services.


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