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Prioritize Accountability and Service Delivery, Harare Councillors Urged

Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) director Ruben Akili has called upon the newly elected Harare councillors to prioritize accountability, represent the interests of residents, and address critical issues affecting the city.

In an interview with 263chat, Akili underscored the importance of elected officials being accountable to the residents and stated that quarterly feedback meetings and regular interactions with the community should be a fundamental part of their role.

“We are calling these elected councils to be accountable to the residents and then at the end of the day remember our system of governance is premised on representative democracy. They need to represent the interest of the residents rather than themselves. I think this is very pertinent that this is no longer time for self-service, but it’s a time to serve communities and our country,” said Akili

One of the pressing issues Akili highlighted is the city’s billing system noting that the current billing system has adversely affected revenue collection and eroded residents’ confidence in paying their rates.

“The issue of the billing system has been affecting revenue collection. The issue of the billing system has been affecting even confidence for residents to be able to pay their rates. It’s very, very important that our local authority prioritize that. And then another issue which needs priority is the issue of health.

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“Things are not all that well in our local authority clinics Some people are going there they can’t find my medication. With that in mind there is that need to ensure that our local authority clinics are also well staffed and equipped with medication and other essentials.

“The issue of water which everyone has been talking about remains a priority for the for the local authorities. But going forward the issues around waste management are also key both solid and even the liquid. Remember we have two partly functional or non-functional sewer treatment plants,” said Akili

He highlighted the critical need to reduce pollutants entering the city’s water sources, emphasizing that polluted raw water demands more resources for purification.

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