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Qounfuzed Exalts Collaboration With Winky D


Singer and songwriter Qounfuzed has described working with celebrated music superstar Winky D as the most memorable moment of his career.

Qounfuzed, whose unique blend of Zimdancehall, afro beats and R&B has endeared him with a lot of admirers, featured on Winky D’s track XYZ off the recently released Eureka Eureka Album.

The artist described the experience of working with the Disappear hitmaker as awe-inspiring and enlightening.

“It was a different experience, quite exciting, eye-opening, and it was also a learning curve, it’s like meeting your heroes and learning how magic works,” he reminisced of the experience.

XYZ is an absolute banger of a track! The song is filled with infectious beats that will have you dancing along in no time.

Winky D and Qounfuzed both deliver impressive performances, with Winky D’s thought-provoking lyrics and Qounfuzed’s catchy hooks and smooth vocals delivering a reminder to move on from past relationships and the chorus really bring home the message.

It’s one of only 3 songs to carry a video off the 14-track album.

But for Qounfuzed he used the opportunity to also glean as much wisdom as he can from the Gaffa President.

“My first time meeting Winky D and getting to talk to him face to face I used that opportunity to ask him a lot of business and personal questions as well as getting career guidance,” he said.

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“I took it as an opportunity to also share my views on music and where I wanna take it then made him share his perspectives too.”

According to Qounfuzed, the song and video took them between five to eight months to complete and in that time he learnt something special.

He revealed: “I learnt that Winky D is very hardworking and he sacrifices most of his time for music, and he takes it really seriously; that’s what got him to the top.”

“It took more than 5 to 8 months to work on both the track and music video which was shot by Zimbabwean UK-based video director Walle Visuals.”

The video starts with a bright, vibrant energy that gets the viewer hyped and glued with the boxing and Karate scene resembling how a person is trying to fight his way into their ex’s life.

“The song will go down in the history books as one of the biggest features of my career,” said Qounfuzed.

Ndururani as he is sometimes called will be embarking on a tour of 8 nations scheduled for February.

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