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Ras Caleb Hails Power Of Collabos

Zim-Reggae artist Caleb “Ras Caleb” Tareka has hailed the impact of collaborations in the music industry saying the coming together of two or more artists on a single song promotes unity in the sector.

By Nathan Leander Guma

In an interview with 263Chat, Ras Caleb said unity among artists is important for the growth of the country’s music industry and well being of the Zimbabwean society as musicians are role models.

“Cooperating defeats gaps between artists of various genres and rifts existing between their fans.

“Many people believe that when one is doing Zim-reggae, they should not partner with people from other genres, which is wrong,” the crooner said.

In 2019, Ras Caleb worked with Hip Hop artist, T-Gonzi on a song titled Peace and Justice.

He said the song proves “artists of different genres can collaborate in promoting oneness amongst artists and Zimbabweans at large.”

“Teamwork brings co-existence; we get to respect each other’s work as we will be on common ground,” he added.

Ras Caleb added that in his other song, ‘Stand tall Zimbabwe’, his teaming up with Citizens’ Coalition, a group of “citizens who wish well for the people” shows that music can bring forth unity in the society.


The ‘Rascal Dread’ however dismissed any political connotations in the song ‘Stand tall Zimbabwe’, which he featured Ishan of ‘Kure’ fame and Chitungwiza bred chanter, Dadza D.

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He accused people of taking progressive ideas to mean politics.

“Are you political when you want to see the next person eating?” he said. “There is a time we should put politics aside and think progressively. Even when you want to feed the hungry, it becomes politics.”

To date, Caleb has released four albums namely; Chikoro Chekare, Rascal Manuscript, Miriyan Miriyan and Reggae Dispensation. He also has many singles.

Despite having many albums and singles in his name, he said teaming with bigger artists will also help him gain more foothold in the music industry.

“I acquired relevant knowledge during the year which will help me perfect my upcoming projects; 2019 was a year of learning but in 2020, I am now progress oriented,” he said.

In 2014 he scooped the Zim-Dancehall Conscious Award for his song ‘Tokwe Mukosi’, a year after he grabbed the Most Promising Artist’s gong.

In 2020, he has promised fans to expect the best from his upcoming projects which will feature some exotic collaborations.

“Our fans should be prepared for we would like to surprise them,” said Ras Caleb.

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