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RBZ Bails Out Bankrupt City Of Harare

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has availed US$ 150 000 to City of Harare towards purchase water treatment chemicals to alleviate the deteriorating water quality and supply.

Harare however, requires an average of US$ 2.5 million worth of supplies every month.

In a statement issued this morning, Harare City Mayor Herbert Gomba  confirmed receiving funding from RBZ.

“The City council has received an amount of USD $150 000,00 from the RBZ ,which was paid to our supplier.


“The city remains engaged with the RBZ on matters to do with the release of a further figure enough to pay for others chemicals we use in the purification process,” read the statement.

Meanwhile,  tests for a new water chemical that will replace the three chemicals that the city has been using is now in progress.

Added the statement,” The Harare City Council in conjunction with a partner would want to inform the public that ,tests for a new water chemical that will replace three of those in current use and save US$500000,00, are progressing well. This will improve our yield per day as it will also deal with odour , algae and kill bacteria making more water available to our residents.

“Preliminary indications are that chlorine dioxide will restore confidence in our water through improved quality of the distributed product.” said Gomba

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