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Reject Bond Notes: Tajamuka

Social movement Tajamuka/ Sesijikile has urged Zimbabweans to reject the use of the  Zimbabwean dollar in the market as it has lost value due to the rising price of basic commodities.

Over the past week, informal traders have been rejecting two and five dollar bond notes saying its no longer currency.

In a statement, Tajamuka co-ordinator, Tinei Munesti said the group is urging all workers including civil servants to reject payment of salaries in the local currency.

“Time has come for us as citizens from business, transport, informal traders, and every right-minded citizen to reject the use of BOND NOTE. We urge all workers including civil servants to reject payment of salaries or Allowances in bond notes and to demand to be paid in USD with immediate effect. Never again should we blame each other or company management for failing to increase salaries that are above poverty datum line (PDL),”

“We call upon you to immediately, totally, and unequivocally reject the bond note and to show your rejection of the currency by making and sharing videos rejecting the bond note. In these videos, you are allowed to use your imagination and innovation to demonstrate your total rejection of the bond note and to encourage others to do the same while showing our government officials that as citizens we totally reject the useless money and call upon the government to immediately revert back to the USD in order to destabilize the economy, pay workers and employers real money, ensure fuel availability and general price stability,” said Munetsi.

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The bond notes were introduced as a way of easing cash shortages in 2016 and the return of the local currency has seen traders rejecting the surrogate currency.

Traders have blamed foreign currency dealers for rejecting the surrogate currency despite the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe insisting that bond notes and coins are legal tender.

Finance Minister, Mthuli Ncube recently announced a US$75 allowance for civil servants, a move widely seen as government suspicion of its own Zimbabwe dollar project.

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