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Rescue Team Reaches Trapped Bodies At Task Mine

Rescue operations at Task Mine Syndicate in Chegutu have finally reached the trapped miners although one of the five bodies has been retrieved to date.
The five were pronounced dead last month after rescue operations failed to reached following the collapse of the Mine in September.
The miners were said to have been working in an old underground shaft in a claim that is alleged to historically belong to Pickstone Mine but was being controlled by influential players in the gold sector under a mining cooperative.
However, the families of the deceased miners say they are relieved that the bodies have been reached for retrieval although it is a bitter pill to swallow.
One of the family representatives,  Admire Gwatidzo who spoke to this publication said although they are still heavy about the loss, they are happy they can give their beloved a decent burial.
“Tafara hedu kuti hama dzedu dzawanikwa takukwanisa kuvachema pamwe chete nekuva radzika murugare ” he said. (We are happy that our relatives have been retrieved and we can now bury their remains peacefully.)
Task Mine Syndicate Pvt Ltd Chairman  Masviba said they were glad about the efforts by the rescue team as the families now find a closure.
“We are glad that team efforts have finally paid off. Although we are sad to have lost colleagues, we are happy families will find closure,” he said.
Sources who spoke to the media a day after the incident said there were signs of life as they could hear movement underground.
The Task Mine collapsed on the 8th of September 2020 trapping the miners 110meters beneath the ground.
The rescue team persisted with the search although the government once advised to stop the search as no results were likely to come.
The mission was being hampered by the absence of underground plans and the rescuers needed to do a proper ground survey to carry out the rescue mission.
With some many people having been pushed into artisanal gold mining in the advent of Corona Virus which has disrupted livelihoods and other sources of income such incidences are likely to increase.
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