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Residents Group Hails Council’s Efforts to Protect Wetlands


Combined Harare Residents Association (CHRA) has applauded City of Harare’s efforts to stop the recent invasion of Monavale Vlei by illegal land developers.

In a statement released on Thursday, CHRA said the occupation of Monavale Vlei was in contravention of the Ramsar Convention on the protection of wetlands as well as the country’s Environmental Management Act.

“As CHRA, we fully appreciate that residents have a constitutional right to housing but we would like to emphasize that protection of wetlands is critical,” said CHRA.

The lobby group noted that the continued destruction will likely increase water scarcity in Harare.

CHRA expressed concern over continued land grabs in Harare, saying it causing unnecessary destruction of wetlands.


“Of major concern is the fact that some of these land barons in Harare are abusing their authority or political connections to parcel out land illegally,” CHRA noted.

The lobby group implored Ministry of Environment, local government ministry and, Environmental Management Agency (EMA) to implement and observe laws that protect wetlands.

“CHRA implores authorities to ensure unscrupulous land dealers are brought to book.

“It is thus quite critical to ensure preservation of the wetlands for the benefit of the majority in Harare rather than to destroy the important sources of water for the benefit of a few individuals,” added CHRA.

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The East side of Monavale Vlei had been under threat from a group of invaders who had started housing developments at the wetland which is among the major primary sources of water for Harare.

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