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Residents Association Up In Arms in Norton

A fresh turf war has erupted between splinter groups of Knowe Residents and Ratepayers Association calling parallel meetings in Norton.Knowe is a predominantly medium density surburb developed by E. Pfugari Properties.

The turf war is between Todson Ruramai, who is being accused of acrimoniously holding on to the chairmanship of the association since 2002 and turning the organisation into his personal entity.The splinter group, which has been fruitfully engaging Norton Town Council and the property developer, is fronted by Damian Ndoro.Ruramai has called for an annual general meeting in his capacity as KRRA chairperson, but some residents have vowed not to attend the meeting.“Ruramai has been the chairperson for the past twenty years. He only wants power but is not pushing the area’s agenda. We are not going to attend,” said one resident.Ruramai maintains he is a bonafide leader of the association.“I have fought for the development of this area for a long time. I have taken the developer to court and we have won several cases. People should judge me with what I have done over these years, not with the time I have been at the helm,” he said.Ndoro said his bone of contention with Ruramai was on the model to take for the development of the area and the fact that he has turned his association to a one man band.“The fact is, he is the only member of his committee – at least he should have told us who the other members are. He has been asked on several occasions and can’t even mention just one. The last meeting he called on 17 September 2017 such a committee was not there and can’t be there now. He remains a sole executive member of KRRA. That has serious implications on the functionality of the Association and the decision making process,” Ndoro said.“I believe we will develop Knowe with our own resources. We have to fork out more money. We are not the first people to lose to a developer. We can’t just sit hoping one day our suburb will be what we want it to be. We have to work for change. Change is coming. I can smell rain. I see rain coming, said Elijah to Ahab. Ahab was a cruel king,” he said.

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