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Respite For TOSE Centre

The Dr Bernie Foundation Trust yesterday put smiles on the faces of children at TOSE Respite centre by donating several basic goods and spending the day with those with special needs.

“In line with our Vision at Dr Bernie Foundation Trust, to allow flowers in every human being to bloom and as such raise hope in their current statuses. We made a courteous visit to T.O.S.E Respite situated in waterfalls industrial park. We all come together for a common cause and surely together (tose) we can do it,” a statement from the foundation said.

some of the donated goods by the Dr Bernie Foundation Trust to TOSE Respite Centre

TOSE houses children that are born with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that some that limit children to speak and help themselves.

Most of the children sorely depend on the caregivers’ help on everything. From toilet, eating, bathing and even entertainment.


“Tose is driven by the passion to widen the circle of joy which also coincide with Dr Bernie thrust of showing compassion, lightening the burden and adding a ray of hope to their lives.

Children and staff members at TOSE Center

“A big thank you to the home Director Mrs Mavhima who welcomed us well with a lovely dance from the children. Music adds joy to their lives,” the foundation added.

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Meanwhile, the Dr Bernie Foundation Trust announced that it will, with effect from 2022, sponsor a family of three from Makonde District in Mashonaland Central.

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