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SAA’s Re-start Schedule


SAA’s new schedule as version two of the national carrier, has 20 flights a week between Johannesburg and Cape Town as its sole domestic route. But it has plans to dig back into the continent too. In Southern Africa, the airline has scheduled daily direct flights to Harare, Lusaka and Maputo. And in West Africa, there are three flights a week from Johannesburg to Accra, and three from Johannesburg to Kinshasa.

Flights begin on Thursday, September 23. According to the airline’s published schedule, the first flight is expected to take off under the new SAA version 2, should be the Cape Town to Johannesburg flight, SA302, departing Cape Town at 06h00 and arriving in Johannesburg at 07h55.

On the Johannesburg-Cape Town route, the schedule shows three flights a day, Monday to Friday, two flights on Saturdays and three on Sundays.

Johannesburg to Cape Town

Mon-Fri – SA317 departs JNB at 08h05, arrives CPT at 10h15
Mon-Fri – SA343 departs JNB at 14h10, arrives CPT at 16h20
Mon-Sun – SA357 departs JNB at 18h15, arrives CPT at 20h25
Sat & Sun – SA323 departs JNB at 09h55, arrives CPT 12h05
Sun only – SA347 departs JNB at 15h30, arrives CPT at 17h40

Cape Town to Johannesburg

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Mon-Fri – SA302 departs CPT at 06h00, arrives JNB at 07h55
Mon-Fri – SA332 departs CPT at 10h55, arrives JNB at 12h50
Mon-Fri – SA354 departs CPT at 17h00, arrives JNB at 18h55
Sat & Sun – SA308 departs CPT at 07h55, arrives JNB at 09h50
Sat & Sun – SA332 departs CPT at 12h45, arrives JNB at 14h40
Sun only – SA362 departs CPT at 18h20, arrives JNB at 20h15


JNB-Harare flights operate daily.
SA22 departs JNB at 10h40 and arrives HRE at 12h15
SA23 departs HRE at 13h05 and arrives JNB at 14h40


JNB-Lusaka flights operate daily.
SA62 departs JNB at 10h30 and arrives LUN at 12h25
SA63 departs LUN at 13h05 and arrives JNB at 15h05


JNB-Maputo flights operate daily.
SA142 departs JNB at 10h00 and arrives in MPM at 11h00
SA143 departs MPM at 11h45 and arrives in JNB at 12h50


Three flights a week are planned between Johannesburg and Accra, on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.
SA52 departs JNB at 17h00 and arrives in ACC at 21h05
SA53 departs ACC at 22h35 and arrives in JNB at 06h25 the next morning


Three flights a week are planned for Kinshasa, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.
SA58 departs JNB at 20h00 and arrives in FIH at 22h50
SA59 departs FIH at 23h40 and arrives JNB at 04h30

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