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I SEE A NEW ZIMBABWE – Poem By Dr. Farai Katsande

I see the sun of righteousness rising, the beams of hope springing forth, the beauty of flora and fawner spreading and loud cries of praise and Joy I see a new Zimbabwe, I hear the thunder of celebration, a cry of joy and voices singing the presence of God has come in the nation, do you see it?

I see a new Zimbabwe, Children carrying smiles on their faces, healthy and strong, jumping and running around joyfully, like calves let out of the stall, do you see it?

I see a new Zimbabwe where its retail stores are filled with local products. No more contaminated genetically modified imported foods, with labels not to be consumed by persons under 18. Her people are healthy, cancer free because we are back in the golden days, consuming only organic food, do you see it.

I see a new Zimbabwe with flourishing enterprises, vibrant industries, well paid labor force, not one among the service arms of the nation carry appetite for corruption, teachers longing to be in class, police officers longing to keep a crime free nation, doctors and nurses living their calling, Pastors and Prophets returning to preaching the true resurrected Christ, no more prosperity gimmicks, do you see it?

I see a new Zimbabwe where its economy is not only a blessing to her but to the rest of Africa and the World. I see the cities reshaping again, The sunshine city claiming its lost sun back, do you see it?

I see a new Zimbabwe whose people are free and not living in fear, loving and caring for each other regardless of their political divide.

I see a Zimbabwe where leaders can come on the table to share their political ideologies and leave the table as brothers, celebrating diversity, do you see it? I see a God fearing nation, a people who protect their Godly heritage, a prosperous nation, who chooses to refuse contaminated donations from evil sources, who may come like wolves in Sheep’s clothes, who extend money with attached strings, a nation that is producing from its Gold, Platinum, lithium, diamonds, Chrome and have build Gold bullions, as reserve to our currency, do you see it?

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I see a nation that need not to borrow from anyone, but will lend to other nations, a nation that acknowledges that God is the source of her ultimate blessing, I see Zimbabwe a nation under Jehovah Yahweh as the ruler, guide and protector of our citizens and Government as only stewards answerable to its people and Yahweh I see a new Zimbabwe where life is valued and its citizens care for each other. Citizens who do not believe in marching and demonstrations, peaceful people, God fearing Citizens caring Government with honor to the sanctity of life. Do you see it?

I see a new Zimbabwe where its people practice respectful democracy and where meritocracy guides the function of the nation. Do you see it? I see a New Zimbabwe flourishing in its mineral extraction and processing, no longer being cheated and promoting being cheated and allowing owe leaving the country without being processed, do you see it?


I see a Zimbabwe where there is no poverty, every citizen living a dignified life, resources are distributed fairly among citizens, do you see it?

I see a New Zimbabwe who set her eyes on worshiping Yahweh the true God and shun all religions of hate and manipulation. A nation whose Jehovah Yahweh is her God, Do you see it? I see a free nation, a free people, and responsible citizens productive in the use of the inheritance of the land and acting as responsible steward to the land, do you see it?

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I see a Zimbabwe with green fields, feeding Africa again, our children taking the pride to play around a clean environment, enjoying creation and the beauty flora and fawner. Oh yes I see that elderly couple with their backs bent, but holding each other’s hand strolling through the beauty of the green and unlettered environment, do you see it?

I see a just Zimbabwe, free from racism, free from tribalism, free from regionalism, free from nepotism free from political manipulation, and a just legal system, where the real perpetrators of crime, face the law and not that those with money commit crime and walk free, but the poor languish in prison, Oh, yes I see it, do you see it?

I see a New Zimbabwe driven by Godly values, a nation that will not sale its birth right for a bowel of soup, a Government which will refuse any manipulative help, leading to allow laws that violet Godly morals, Oh yes its, coming, do you see it? I see a Joyful Zimbabwe, prosperous Zimbabwe, and a Politically mature Zimbabwe, do you see it?

I see a New Zimbabwe, celebrating each other’s successes. A Zimbabwe thriving in diversity, taking disagreement as a way of life, but still finding each other on a common ground, do you see it? I see a new Zimbabwe where our youths have Job, and surplus jobs created for fellow Africans, do you see it?

Celebrate Zimbabwe your day is coming. You shall be the bread basket again, your people shall not lack anything. Oh I see it, the sun is rising again. Oh I see it, the Lord is brooding over his people. That day is and has come open your eyes and see what the Lord has already done.

Oh I see it.

By Dr. Farai Katsande 

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