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Sekuru Banda Rescues Paradzai Mesi

Popular traditional healer Sekuru Banda has rescued musician Paradzai Mesi after negotiating with Concession shop owner Never Sabawu to withdraw unlawful entry charges against the Njerama Boys band leader.

Paradzai Mesi became a subject of ridicule after a video of him visibly drunk and in handcuffs made rounds on social media last week. He was accused of unlawfully entering Sabawu’s shop and stealing groceries.

Mesi has already appeared before Concession Magistrates Court charged with unlawful entry.

Sekuru Banda, Paradzai Mesi and his wife in Concession yesterday

Sekuru Banda has since visited Mesi in Concession and negotiated with the grocery shop owner to have the charges dropped.

He also paid for the groceries allegedly stolen by the Huruva hitmaker.

Sekuru Banda who has in the past assisted comedian Marabha, former boxer Mosquito and yesteryear footballer George Shaya, promised to build a house for Mesi.

 “We thank Mudiwa for assisting Paradzai Mesi, we urge other people to assist especially in situations where there is a crying call for assistance, Paradzai Mesi entertained a lot of people with his music and to see him suffer should touch the hearts of all those who are able to assist,” Sekuru Banda said.

Sekuru Banda said Mesi’s living conditions prompted him to intervene and has since kickstarted the process of building a decent house for him.

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“Paradzai Mesi’s living conditions are not good, so I have decided to build a house for him. The process is already underway, we will ensure that he has a decent house to live,” said Sekuru Banda.

Entrepreneur and gospel musician Mudiwahood became the first person to come to the aide of Mesi when he bought groceries and clothes for him on top of assisting towards school fees for his children.

Mesi rose to stardom in the early 2000 when released albums such as albums like “Pane Chariuraya”, “Goneso”, “Masimba Towedzera”, “Zvavemuropa”, “Kambairai” and “Nguva”.

In 2007, Mesi’s group Njerama Boys split following a dispute over money they got from a live performance. Band members left and Mesi struggled to keep the name and traded his guitar for cotton farming in Muzarabani which did not change his fortunes.

The gifted lead guitarist sold his car, kombi and PA system to make ends meet before deciding to relocate to Glendale in the hope of reviving his band which again did not workout.

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