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Simbisa Brands, InnBucks Zimbabwe Unveils InnBucks Payment Platform

Fast food retail giant, Simbisa Brands (Simbisa) and InnBucks Zimbabwe have partnered to unveil InnBucks, a rewards and loyalty platform  tailor-made for customers who buy at Simbisa outlets.

Simbisa operates brands such as Chicken Inn, Pizza Inn, Bakers Inn, Creamy Inn, Fish Inn,  Haefelis, Grab & Go, Nandos and Steers.

InnBucks hence becomes a defacto currency for Simbisa brands bringing convenience and enhanced customer experience.

The InnBucks platform, allows customers to load/ deposit US dollars of up to US$ 200 into their accounts which can be used later for purchasing at any of the Simbisa outlets, buy for a friend (BFF) who maybe in a different location instantly or even withdraw as USD cash with no transactional charge for any of these services.

For customers who sign up for InnBucks , there are  discounts of atleast 1 percent off every purchase.

“There are more promotions to come and we will definitely give our customers a reason to enjoy Innbucks through and through!” said the Simbisa Managing Director, Warren Meares.

Customers can opt to use the mobile app or USSD platform (text message)

The InnBucks mobile app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Apple App iOS Store.

To access the USSD menu you simply dial *569#. This option offers convenience to customers who do not have access to the internet or do not have internet-enabled phones.

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The innovation has already received widespread acclaim prior to its official announcement for being able to attract more USD revenue for the companies in the wake of volatility of the local currency.

With zero transactional charges on deposits and withdrawals in USD currency, it presents a cheaper way of sending money to loved ones within the country.

The company said , it is currently finalizing modalities to enable customers in the diaspora to also use the platform to purchase any of Simbisa brands for their families back home.



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