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SRC Set To Hold Two-Day Sports Administration Course

The Sport and Recreation Commission (SRC) will next week hold a two-day Sports Administration Level One course for sports associations, community clubs, coaches and athletes among others.

In a statement, the SRC said some of the courses to be covered include, Leadership and Management in Sport, Safe and Inclusive Sport.

“The Sports and Recreation Commission was created by the Act of Parliament (1991) and is mandated to, among other objectives, ensure that there are standard sport education courses.

“It is against this background that SRC Bulawayo Metropolitan Province will conduct Sports Administration Level one course, modules to be covered include organization of sport and recreation in Zimbabwe, sport and recreation governance, community sports and recreation club concept, leadership and management in sport, safe and inclusive sport, volunteer management as well as marketing and sponsorship in sport and recreation among other,” reads the statement.

The target groups for the course include Provincial Sports Associations, Clubs and Academies, Community Clubs, Physical Education Teachers, Organizers of NAPH and NASH Competitions, Coaches, Managers and Athletes.

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