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Study Shows Econet Is The Leading Internet Service Provider

A 2018 customer satisfaction survey commissioned by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (Potraz) has revealed that Econet Wireless is by far the leading Internet Service provider in Zimbabwe.

The survey commissioned to, among other things measure consumer satisfaction levels, showed that Econet was the Internet service provider of choice used by the majority of household consumers.

The survey, which was conducted by Topline Research Solutions (TRS), involved the use of a Consumer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) that sampled 3 800 households; 370 corporates and 30 Potraz employees using an online data collection technique called CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview).

Of the 3,800 household consumers sampled, 72% indicated that they use Econet as the main internet service provider.

A total of 15% of the users said they use NetOne Internet services, while Telecel and TelOne accounted for 5% and 4% of the household Internet users.

The survey showed that the household consumers were largely youthful, with the majority (55%) falling under the age of 35.

It showed that the income levels of those surveyed, a majority of 72% of individuals and 57% of households earned below $100 at the time.

Internet usage by households by other service providers, such as Powertel and Africom, was very minimal.

Analysts say Econet, whose data usage has been steadily growing over the past few years, is likely favoured by consumers due to its wide data network coverage, which is unrivalled in the sector.

The company leads in 3G coverage throughout the country, and controls close to 70% of the 4G (LTE) market share on base stations, according to the latest Potraz quarterly sector report.

Econet also offers the widest variety of data product mixes, ensuring there is something to suit different customer segments.


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