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Survey Reveals Zimbabweans Want Change of Govt


Local think tank, the Public Policy and Research Institute of Zimbabwe (PPRIZ) has highlighted that the majority of citizens want change of government ahead of this year’s harmonized elections.

The survey, encompassing a broad spectrum of participants, has shed light on voter registrations, preferences, concerns, and aspirations.

According to the survey, a significant percentage of registered voters express their intention to cast their ballots in the forthcoming election with rural areas appear poised to play a pivotal role.

“The majority of registered voters (67%) say they are most likely to vote in the forthcoming election while 9% say they will definitely not vote. Of those that are most likely to vote, more are from rural areas (53%) compared to 47% from urban areas. Notably, 33% of the first-time voters say they will definitely vote in the forthcoming election.

“61% of the respondents strongly agree that it is time for women to assume more national leadership roles and 58% also strongly agree that it is time for youth to assume leadership roles at national level. Women contributed the highest proportion (36%) of those who strongly agree that it is time for women to take up leadership roles while fewer males (25 %) strongly support women leaders. Ironically, more than half (50%) of the respondents say they would not vote for female or youthful candidates for President in the forthcoming election,” PPRIZ said

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The survey portrays a resounding call for change on the leadership front, with 61% of respondents strongly advocating for greater women’s representation in national leadership roles.

“The majority of the respondents (77%) say they want a new direction in the country. 66% of the respondents say the economic situation is very bad and 68% say the government did badly in job creation while 58% say the government performed very badly towards fighting corruption. 44% say they will refuse to take bribe and they will vote their conscience, 40% will take the bribe and vote their conscience while 11% will take bribe and vote for the briber. 5% is undecided whether to take the bribe or not,” the survey said.

Election-related violence, the think tank says emerges as a pertinent concern, with a notable 65% expressing unease.

“65% of the respondents say they are concerned about election-related violence. Notably, 33% of the respondents from Manicaland Province, 24% Masvingo Province and 19% Mashonaland East Province say they have witnessed violence in the last two (2) months. Only a few respondents say they trust Political Parties (15%), Media (19%), Parliament (20%), Judiciary (20%), Police (22%), Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (23%) and the military (28%). However traditional leaders (37%) and International and Regional Election Observers (30%) fared much better than the rest of the other institutions. 41% of the respondents say the outcome of the 2023 elections will be a source of political dispute while 23% somewhat disagree, and 18% strongly disagree. 28% of the respondents say country will be better off after election 25% say it will be worse off, and 27% do not know while 19% say the country will be the same as it is today,” said the think tank

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