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TelOne Data Centre Answer to Zimbabwe’s Data Storage and Back-Up

Thinking of investing in data storage or worried about your back-up and data security? TelOne has the answer through the state-of-the-art Data Centre recently launched. The facility offers customers secure, affordable and reliable services to store their valuable information through an array of services.

In this digital era where substantial data and information are being generated everyday, data centre services have become critical as they ensure customers both corporate and individuals can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their information is secure. The TelOne Data Centre offers cost effective and dependable services for Government Ministries, parastatals and a variety of industry players like banks, small to medium enterprises and individuals.

 What is a Data Centre?

A Data Centre is a centralized location where large amounts of data are collected, stored, processed, distributed and accessed. The TelOne Data Centre creates a huge data storage and processing facility to cater for current and future technology needs of both enterprises and individuals in Zimbabwe and beyond. As TelOne, we have been in the ICT business for generations and we are well equipped to meet customer’s connectivity and security needs.

Services offered at the TelOne Data Centre

TelOne’s modern Data Centre offers a variety of services;

Space Rental

Enterprises can rent TelOne servers and equipment to store their valuable data resulting in decreased IT maintenance costs. Companies also have the opportunity to deploy their servers and other equipment in the most suitable and appropriate conditions. Corporate Organisations generate and make use of and rely on data (The Big Data) for the success of their business. In this Big Data era, it is crucial that companies have a secure storage unit, and enterprises can rent out space in the Data Centre to safe keep their information.

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TelOne provides storage facilities enabling clients to store their data, create databases and back up their critical data for quick recovery in case of emergencies. Government Institutions collect and process a lot of data during the lifetime of its citizens including organizational citizens. Government institutions can therefore make use of the Data centre to store such valuable information and for use years later. This also offers security for the institutions as sensitive data can be stored in secure servers.

Back up

TelOne offers back up from anywhere, anytime to all enterprises. Customers can use TelOne high speed fibre for backup of their information. This means that Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions can safely store and backup student records in the Data Centre where information can easily be retrieved. The Data Centre offers reliable and integrated services which guarantees secure backup solutions to support safe Data Centre 99.982% uptime.


The TelOne Data Centre provides the option to protect customers’ critical data through tested security applications. It is crucial for the health department and hospitals to have a secure storage and back up facility for electronic medical records, disease control and prevention and drug management. The health sector can securely store patient information in the TelOne Data Centre. No need to invest in servers, Enterprises can take advantage of the cost effective solution of the Data Centre. TelOne also offers better service quality and security achieved from centralised high quality service operation and standard maintenance.

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Disaster Recovery

With rapid information technology development, information systems become increasingly important to the key businesses of governments and enterprises. System business interruption has increasingly large impacts on enterprises due to the huge economic loss, brand image damages, or critical data loss caused. TelOne Data Centre offers disaster recovery for enterprises and removes the need for a company to build or manage a secondary site. With highly professional staff, no extra IT resources are needed to manage or test the service from the customer’s side.

The TelOne Data Centre forms a national hub for collection, storage, processing and access to Data generated and required by all Zimbabweans. More services are being introduced and with time clients would be able to access many modern-day services.

The Future is here. The Future is now. The Future is TelOne.

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