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Top Lawyer Dresses Down Mamombe Arresting Officer

Top human rights lawyer Obey Shava was on fire yesterday when he dressed down an officer from the Central Investigation Department (CID) Law and Order who arrested Harare West legislator Joanah Mamombe without an arresting warrant.

Denis Muroyiwa had a torrid time before the courts as he ended up stammering while giving evidence of his testimony before Harare magistrate Rumbidzai Mugwagwa.

After being asked why he had arrested Mamombe without a warrant, Muroyiwa said a warrant is only presented after the accused person had been brought to court, forcing Shava to question if he is aware of the operation of the police.

“Mr Muroyiwa you do not know what you are saying. How do you not know how police officers operate because you are not a police officer.

“You are soldier and you are being ordered to masqueraded as a police officer. Tell the court and being honest when you are going back to the barracks?” questioned Shava.


Muroyiwa insisted that they introduced themselves to Mamombe when they arrested him.

“Yes i was among the crew which went to arrest MP Mamombe in Nyanga but we introduced ourselves to Mamombe,” he said, a testimony which is contrary to what Mamombe told the court.

Muroyiwa could not answer the questions on whether he know the names of his bosses and hierarchy at the CID Law and Order.

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He also failed tell the court, the exact words which Mamombe uttered to back the allegations.

Mamombe is facing allegations of subverting a constitutionally elected government after she addressed a press conference in Harare before the January shutdown.

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