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U-Gain Offering a New Channel for Financial Inclusion


“Capital Markets are intended to facilitate the mobilisation as well as appropriate deployment of funds for companies. This type of financial activity often has a positive effect on the economy as GDP Contributions increase with a corresponding rise in employment and tax contributions. U-Gain offers ordinary Zimbabweans an opportunity to participate in the Capital Markets.” says Mr. Clive Msipha, Chief Executive Officer of Untu Capital, a registered Microfinance Institution which is issuing the first mobile based retail note in Zimbabwe. This retail note, entitled U-Gain, is tradable on the Finsec Stock Exchange.

“Untu does something very unique as it exclusively supports the entrepreneur and small to medium businesses –which are the future of our country. Through U-Gain, we can all get involved in supporting SMEs and building the country’s economy while also getting a return for this investment,” says Mr. Clive Msipha.

Investment opportunities like U-Gain help make financial services accessible to many Zimbabweans. Its interest rate of 9% for 12 months offers a solid return while its convenience and flexibility delivered through its accessibility on mobile money platforms helps demystify the process of investing in capital markets for many first time investors.

“Currently, banks and other financial institutions do provide returns for investments on the money market. Over and above this, we feel the note issuance will give people more choices for investment,” says Mr. Clive Msipha.

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U-Gain offers a new channel for financial inclusion for all. It is a key driver in increasing the socio-economic development of the country.

Untu Capital has spent 8 years helping ordinary people make a living, build futures and grow businesses one loan at a time.

Most recently they were the recipient of the Zimbabwe Investment Authority -1st runner up in Non-Bank Financial Services Investor of the year award. As Zimbabwe plans for economic regeneration under the auspices of a change in leadership this investment opportunity comes at a pivotal time for ordinary Zimbabweans seeking to rebuild their futures with renewed hope.


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