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UNICEF Calls For Increased Efforts Towards Mental Health Fight

UNICEF Zimbabwe has called on stakeholders to amplify responses for mental health of children and more investments in parenting and caregivers’ programmes.

UNICEF said despite obscurity on the magnitude of the challenges there is need for more research and gathering of evidence for effective response.

“The real scale and nature of mental health challenges faced by children and adolescents in Zimbabwe is still unknown. Addressing the mental health issues with children and adolescents will need more research allowing the gathering of evidence to better understand the issue and respond effectively.


“UNICEF calls on all concerned stakeholders for increased attention for the mental health of children and adolescents, and for more investments in parenting programmes as parents and caregivers can provide much needed safety and security for children and adolescents to flourish and thrive,” said UNICEF.

Dr Tajudeen Oyewale UNICEF Zimbabwe representative says there is urgent need to address mental health issue.

“Mental health issues particularly when it relates to children and adolescents are still a taboo in many societies, also in Zimbabwe. Breaking the silence around mental health is urgently needed. We congratulate the Government for the initiatives taken and the work done on mental health. We look forward to continue to work closely with the Ministry of Health and Child Care and its partners to further increase attention and support for mental health care for children and adolescents,” said Dr. Oyewale.

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The organisation said it is rolling out a campaign to promote public debate on the mental health of children and adolescents, including through a series of radio talk shows, new content on mental health on its free of access website Internet of Good Things, and a survey on its social messaging platform U-Report.

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