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Upcoming Actress Tackles Human Trafficking In Debut Film


Upcoming actress, Bridget Paradza’s debut 95-minute-film titled Boundaries Within that tackles human trafficking issues in Zimbabwe will premiere at the National Arts Gallery in Harare this Saturday.

Boundaries Within follows the life of a young lady, Faith, based in the high-density suburbs who desperately search for a job and gets entangled with human trafficking agents together with four other ladies.

Speaking to 263chat, Paradza said the film was inspired by rising human trafficking cases in the country.

“I did the film because of continuous reports of Zimbabwean women who are lured with job opportunity dummies in foreign lands by human traffickers.

“I believe the film will raise awareness on the evils of human trafficking which have troubled many Zimbabweans and educate women and the girl child who are more vulnerable to human trafficking,” she said.

This follows over 200 Zimbabwean women who were trafficked to Kuwait on the pretext of lucrative job opportunities.

Paradza has promised more of her productions to hit television screens.

“I will be releasing more films, right now I have already completed a feature film called Loose Ends, and short films titled Last Option and Consequences,” said Paradza.

The film has also roped in some familiar faces on screen that include Spedia Nyikambatonga and Edna Shaishano of yesteryears’ epic series Tiriparwendo.

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