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Look Beyond Sanctions: United States Official


United States Charge D’affaires Jennifer Savage has urged Zimbabweans to look beyond the targeted sanctions and envision a relationship in which trade and investment freely flow between the two countries.

In her remarks at the commemorations of the US independence in Harare last week, Savage said the peace and freedom in Zimbabwe is key in driving investment.

“As I draw to a close, what do we want Zimbabwean-American relations to look like in the future?  We must look beyond targeted sanctions to envision a relationship in which trade and investment flow freely between our two nations.  In which American companies thrive in Zimbabwe, and Zimbabwean companies thrive in the United States,” she said.

Savage added that a thriving relationship should see Zimbabwean and American academics work together to resolve the health and environmental challenges of the day.

” This is why the peace pledge that many of the contesting political party leaders have signed is so important.  We echo your call for an end to violence directed at any party or candidate,” said Savage.

Savage saluted the 2017 November coup saying it helped the people of Zimbabwe find their voices, and dared to hope.

“More than at any other time in recent history, the people of Zimbabwe have more freedom to speak their minds.  More freedom to dissent.  More freedom to voice their own vision for the future of Zimbabwe.  This new sense of freedom of expression is monumental, and a fundamental change for human rights in Zimbabwe as long the leaders and institutions protect it,” she said.

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