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We Were Used And Abandoned: Mazowe Youths

Zanu PF youths in Mazowe have expressed concern over the government’s move to stop artisanal mining saying they feel used and abandoned by a party they have done everything for.

In an interview with 263Chat, the disgruntled youths who are into artisanal mining said Zanu PF has abandoned them in their quest to legalize their operations despite playing a pivotal role during the land reform program and elections.

“We did not get farms when President Mugabe said everyone should get land. Now we are asking for artisanal mining licenses so that we can earn a living, but we are being chased away and fed to dogs by soldier,” said one of the youths who commented on the conditions of anonymity.

He added, “We started working for Zanu PF when we were very young, and we were instrumental in grabbing land from former white farmers here in Mazowe, but we did not get any farm. The party promised us things, but after being loyal, none of us has benefited from the party.

“We never benefited because we do not own any land, and now we are going to the elections, they will come to us, begging for votes, after winning they feed us to dogs.”

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Tawanda Masuka, another disgruntled youth who is into artisanal mining in Mazowe queried why Zanu PF neglect its people.

“We are loyal party members and we vote every time there are elections but they dump us as soon as they win. In this mountain, it’s a battle against dogs but why are we suffering when all we are trying to do is to put food on the table for our families,” he said urging the party to return their favor.



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