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We have solutions to cash crisis: MDC-T

The Morgan Tsvangirai led Movement for Democratic Change said that it has come up with solutions to tackle the looming  cash shortages currently bedevilling the country.

Addressing journalists at a press conference in Harare today, MDC-T shadow minister of Finance, Dr Tapiwa Mashakada said that the party has drafted solutions which will ease cash shortages .

This comes in the wake of statements made by President Mugabe recently while addressing Zanu PF supporters at the ‘million man march’. President Mugabe said that opposition parties have no tangible solutions to the country’s myriad problems.

“As MDC-T we have come with policies that can help address cash shortages in the country,” said Mashakada.

Reading from the list of the party’s solutions to the cash crisis   Dr Mashakada  called on government to repeal the indigenisation act .


“The indigenisation policy must be totally erased, there is need to attract investments in the country so as to enhance business in the country.

“Once we are in power we will rescind  the indigenization policy which is nothing but an act of Zanunising  the economy. This infamous policy will be replaced with an investor friendly arrangement which allows  investors to choose a local partner of their choice and agree on a shareholding structure without coercion or anybody wielding an axe.

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“It is regrettable that Zanu PF is busy fighting while no one attends to the economy. In fact Mugabe must dissolve his dysfunctional cabinet and call for early elections to save money and the residual semblance of  the economy,” he said.

Dr Mashakada also added that Zanu PF must go to pave way for a new Zimbabwe.

“The only feasible thing to do in order to move out of the economic doldrums is to dissolve government and parliament now and call for fresh elections. These elections should be monitored by and supervised by SADC, the AU and the UN,” he said.

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