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We Were Abused In MDC Alliance: Komichi

Reinstated MDC-T chairperson, Morgan Komichi has claimed that individuals in the opposition MDC Alliance were abused for advising leaders about the need to respect the party constitution.

Speaking in Harare today, Komichi said they tried to rectify the issues internally but faced resistance from some party members. He likened his stay in the MDC Alliance to an abuse ravaged marriage.

“Can we blame men and women that stay in marriage for 2-3 years whilst they are being abused? Yet you do not know that those men and women would have tried their best to resolve the problems using engagements and advices.

“The people in the MDC were being abused. When people were advising to follow the constitution they were not listened to but they were abused until the court had to intervene and call for justice. That is what we are talking about. We are not talking about individuals, we are looking at systems that do not disturb rule of law and constitutionalism.” said Komichi.

He said they were not going to recall legislators as long as they do the correct thing of not following other political parties.

“We are making sure that people will follow the law. We are not going to wield the axe or put them on the guillotine. If we were careless we could have expelled half of the MPs. We won’t do that, we will engage them and tell them that they need to respect the law,” he said

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On why they had recalled legislators at the expense of voters Komichi said they could not fold hands as Charlton Hwende wanted to expel them from the August house.

“It’s like someone is trying to shoot you. What do you do?” asked Komichi adding that he was threatened after the Supreme Court ruling to the extent that certain people wanted to eliminate him.

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