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“Witness Claims Complainant Is Targeting Him,” Says State Witness in Ronald Nyandoro Case

A state witness in the trial of businessman Ronald Nyandoro, who stands accused of motor vehicle theft, has asserted in court that he feels targeted by the complainant. Mr. Kirk West, the witness, expressed his belief that Mr. James Landon, the complainant, is retaliating against him for revealing the truth about their business dealings.

“I firmly believe that Mr. Landon is using Zacc to retaliate against me for disclosing the facts of our transaction,” Mr. West stated during his testimony.

He went on to detail his losses, claiming that Zacc had confiscated two vehicles under the pretense of faulty paperwork. Mr. West accused Mr. Landon of manipulating the legal system to his advantage.

Regarding the disputed vehicle deal, Mr. West recounted conversations with both Nyandoro and Landon, asserting that all parties had agreed to the sale. “Nyandoro remained transparent throughout our negotiations,” he affirmed. “There was never any indication of foul play until Landon’s sudden accusation of theft.”

According to Mr. West, subsequent meetings between the involved parties failed to produce any theft allegations until the police arrived to seize the vehicle without prior notice.

In response to Mr. Rubaya’s questioning, Landon denied allegations of attempting an out-of-court settlement just minutes before the trial began. However, he admitted to handing over the vehicle, a Toyota Landcruiser AET 3438, at his residence in Borrowdale Brooke, contradicting earlier claims.

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Rubaya, representing Nyandoro, accused Landon of misusing the legal system by filing false theft reports. He argued that Nyandoro received the vehicle as payment for services rendered, disputing any claims of a trust agreement.

Nyandoro himself dismissed accusations of temporary custody, maintaining that there was no such agreement with Landon. He alleged that the vehicle was part of a business transaction, unrelated to any trust arrangement.

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