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‘Working For Zanu PF Is A Calling’

Former MDC ally and now Zanu PF Director of Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa ‘Two Boy’ Mugwadi has claimed that working for the ruling party was a ‘calling’ and not a self-enriching move.

Mugwadi who led the student body, Zinasu was highly critical of the ruling party and government before partying ways with the MDC-T around 2013 describing the opposition leadership as ideologically bankrupt.

Speaking in a social media live broadcast today, Mugwadi said working for Zanu pf was a calling contrary to former Zanu PF national youth political commissar Godfrey Tsenengamu’s allegations that the former student leader was blind to the corruption in government because he was enjoying good perks, which includes a ford ranger vehicle.

“I don’t drive a ford ranger for God’s sake, I don’t have perks that I enjoy and working for this political party (Zanu PF) is a calling unless you are telling that when you worked for the party you wanted to get rich,” said Mugwadi.

Mugwadi accused Tsenengamu of failing to prove with evidence corrupt officials within Zanu PF which led to his dismissal from the party early this year.


The youthful Zanu PF information director said the fight against corruption must be genuine and should have evidence as opposed to name dropping under the influence of alcohol in direct attack of Tsenengamu.

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“Fighting corruption must be genuine without name dropping. I don’t drop names under the influence of alcohol or orgasm or under the influence of anything. I want evidence that someone is corrupt and I will report to the police.

“Corruption does not have membership to an institution but individuals in those institutions can be corrupt. It is completely wrong to say Government is corrupt but there are individuals in Government who are corrupt in Government, the same in Zanu PF and MDC they are there. The moment people say corruption is affixed in this organisation they are not genuine” said Mugwadi

Tsenengamu was expelled from the ruling Zanu PF after naming several business people linked to the ruling party of being corrupt.

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