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Young People Collaborate To Preserve Intangible Cultural Heritage

A group of young people collaborated and came up with an organisation called Wabb Cultural Heritage Trust which aims to preserve intangible cultural heritage amidst a wave of Westernisation.

In a statement, the organisation highlighted that it was inspired by young people who were fascinated with their different cultural backgrounds.

“It is this fascination that has driven them to create the Trust which aims to offer a platform to explore, celebrate, share and safeguard our intangible cultural heritage. The Trust has taken into consideration some incidence in our collective past such as colonialism, diverse cultural interactions encouraged by globalization which either bear intended or unintended effect of eroding our intangible cultural heritage.

“The trust, therefore, seeks to rekindle interest and to rediscover our forgotten and at times underrated intangible cultural heritage. The Trust seeks to arouse interest in our cultural norms, values, artistic expressions, artistic forms and aesthetics. Wabb also aims to research different cultural experiences across the different tribal groups in Zimbabwe, highlighting our similarities as a way of promoting societal integration. The Trust is set to attain its goals through creating premium cultural entertainment and educational forums representing our diverse cultures,” read the statement.

The organisation says this will be done through teaching and promoting local art forms, holding educational talks and workshops on cultural norms and practices that promote preventative health care, conservation of the environment and communal interaction amongst a diverse range of topics.

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