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The Youth & The Road to 2018


This is the first episode of the youth and the road to 2018 election, which is a show that interviews different youths ahead of the 2018 election to appreciate the views and opinions of the youths in Zimbabwe. The big question in relation to elections in Zimbabwe is are the youth a game changer in 2018 if so why and what are they doing. Are they ready to take up political positions and what are the critical issues around 2018 elections in relation to the youths. In this first episode we look at the role of National Electoral Reform Agenda NERA and what youths want and what they are doing regarding 2018 elections and reforms. The show critically looks at issues around elections and they role of the youth in the upcoming 2018 elections. our guests Lovemore Chinoputsa MDC-T youth secretary general and near research and policy secretary, Happymore Chidziva Cde Bvondo MDC-T national youth commander and Nera youth forum organizer, Tawanda Kalonga Transform Zimbabwe national youth Chair and Ners Natioanl youth chairperson, Lawrence Tembedza Free Zim Congress National youth coordinator and Nera youth coordinator lastly Gladys Seve Freedom Front Youth President and Nera gender rep.

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