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ZHDA Calls On Members To Withhold New Applications

The striking Medical doctors have withheld applications for the Higher Life Foundation financial assistance accusing government of interfering with the selection process, the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association (ZHDA) has said.

In a statement, ZHDA said their meeting yesterday resolved to put on hold the Higherlife Foundation offer until they iron out outstanding issues with their employer whom they have accused of trying to hoodwink them to return to work without a “reasonable offer”.

“We have received information that our members are now being forced to sign assumption of duty which is now forcing our members back to work. Also government is asking for a list of those who applied which shows their finger in this HFL plan.

“So we are now advising our members to withhold their application with immediate effect. We will patiently wait in the trenches till there is a reasonable offer from the government,” read the statement.

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