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Zim Cricketers Cleared for Return After Suspension Over Drug Use

Zimbabwe Cricket (ZC) has granted national team players Wessly Madhevere and Brandon Mavuta approval to resume competitive cricket after their four-month suspension due to drug use.

The sanction was enforced after the duo’s positive drug test during an internal doping examination in December.

In addition to the suspension, Madhevere and Mavuta were fined an amount equal to half of their ZC salaries for three months.

As part of their rehabilitation process, the two players were mandated to undergo training within ZC’s high-performance program.

Upon the conclusion of their suspension period, both athletes were deemed ‘clean’ after yielding negative results in subsequent drug tests.

Affirming the end of the suspension, ZC Managing Director Givemore Makoni remarked, “I am pleased to welcome Wessly and Brandon back to competitive cricket after both of them underwent rehabilitation and also passed a drug test carried out to check if they were now clean.”

“More importantly, the two players acknowledged their mistakes and have vowed to stay clean and focus on their very promising careers as cricketers,” he added.

Meanwhile, Davis Murwendo, a player from the ZC academy, has tested positive for a recreational drug in the latest round of internal examinations. A hearing for Murwendo is scheduled to take place soon.

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ZC has undertaken its own anti-drug initiative voluntarily and independently from its obligations to the International Cricket Council (ICC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) in a concerted effort to safeguard the health and well-being of players and to uphold the sport’s image and reputation.

“Recognizing the potential hazards associated with recreational drugs, ZC has chosen to exceed ICC and WADA obligations by implementing an in-house drug testing program,” noted Makoni.

“This initiative is pivotal and deserves commendation for providing education, counselling, and where necessary, treatment to rehabilitate players who have become entangled with social drugs.”

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