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Zimbabwe heading in the wrong direction

A majority of adult Zimbabweans feel the country is heading in the wrong direction amid revelations that economic and personal ling conditions are worsening .

This assentation is according to a survey by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) released today.

“67% of Zimbabweans are of the contention that the country is heading in the wrong direction,” reads the report.

The paper concludes that, “Zimbabweans continue to express dissatisfaction with their country’s overall direction.

This is propelled by the fact that a higher proportion of Zimbabweans adults do not have a job that pays cash remains high.

MPOI’s interpretations came at a time when the economy is stagnating, with lurching consumer demand pushing the country further into deflation.

83% of government expenditure is going to civil servant wages and this has been worsened by President‘s refusal to cancel state worker bonuses and trim the capital’s workforce by 5,000 people.


The paper also pronounced President Mugabe’s popularity among the electorate.

“President Mugabe’s approval rating has been increasing whereas main opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai’s popularity has drastically fallen. Trust for President Mugabe is high among the adult population and comes second after religious leaders.

‘Majority of adult Zimbabweans have the highest regard for President Robert Mugabe on all the 5 aspects that were subject of scrutiny.

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“Morgan Tsvangirai comes second in the pack although he receives below majority ratings on the five traits. A plurality said he is hard working (49%), reads the report.

This is not the first time President Mugabe’s leadership has been endorsed. Various studies before and after the July 31 elections have shown Mugabe edging Tsvangirai in popularity.

MPOI interviewed a cross section of citizens in urban and rural settings.

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