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Zimbabwean female rugby referee officiated in Namibia

Africa Rugby named two Zimbabweans as part of the contingent of match officials who oversaw the Group 1A clash between Namibia and Kenya which took place in Windhoek, Namibia this last weekend.

Zimbabwe Rugby Union’s CEO Colleen de Jong took on the role of match commissioner. Some of De Jong’s responsibilities on behalf of Rugby Africa included ensuring that the playing field and it is surrounding area were up to the standards outlined by World Rugby, as well as convening the managers meeting on the eve of the match to ensure that all World Rugby regulations and procedures were adhered to.

De Jong’s assignment in Namibia this weekend was not be the first time she represented Zimbabwe Rugby at a continental level. The CEO is also a current Executive Member of Africa Rugby’s board.

Referee Desmond McDonnell from the Zimbabwe Rugby Referees Society was named as one of the Assistant Referees that took charge of the international in Windhoek, Namibia.

Zimbabwe Rugby Union’s CEO confirmed her pleasure at the appointments, “I’m very happy that our referees are being recognised by Africa Rugby for such tasks which provides them with an opportunity to gain valuable experience.”

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