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Zimbabweans Want Gender Based Violence Addressed: Survey

Pan African research network Afrobarometer says gender based violence is the most important women’s rights issue that Zimbabweans want the Government and society address as it is a common problem in homes and communities.

According to the survey, most Zimbabweans are against the idea of handling issues related to gender based violence at personal or family level.

“Most citizens say it is never justified for men to use physical force to discipline their wives, a view that is shared across all key demographic groups and provinces. In addition, most say gender-based violence is a criminal matter that requires the involvement of law enforcement authorities, rather than a personal affair that should be handled within the family.

“Gender-based violence (GBV) tops the list as the most important women’s-rights issue that Zimbabweans want their government and society to address, followed by too few women in influential government positions and unequal rights of property ownership and inheritance.


“More than half (52%) of citizens say GBV is “somewhat common” (35%) or “very common” (17%) in homes or in the community. More women (56%) than men (47%) hold this view. It is less widely shared by older respondents (40%), citizens with post-secondary education (45%), and those experiencing no or low lived poverty (43%),” said Afrobarometer

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According to the survey, respondents across all demographics say the use of physical force against women is never justified.

“Nearly eight in 10 Zimbabweans (78%) say it is “never justified” for a man to us physical force to discipline his wife. Women are more likely than men to say this behaviour is never justified (83% vs. 73%), as are urbanites compared to rural residents (91% vs. 71%).

“Opposition to the use of physical force increases with respondents’ education level, ranging from 64% among those with primary schooling or less to 89% among those with post-secondary qualifications. Younger citizens (79%-80% of those aged 18-55 years) are more likely to see it as never justified than their older counterparts (70% of those over 55).  Majorities in all provinces say it is never justified for men to physically discipline their wives, ranging from 66% in Mashonaland East to 97% in Harare,” read the report.

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