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Nothing will Change-MDC-A Chides Chiwenga’s Ministerial Appointment

Movement for Democratic Change Alliance (MDC-A) shadow health minister Henry Madzorera has castigated the appointment of vice president, Costantino Chiwenga as the new Health Minister citing lack of capability within the entire Zanu pf administration to solve the sector’s crisis.

Speaking to 263Chat, Dr Madzorera said the greatest challenge to solving Zimbabwe’s health crisis lies in the ruling Zanu pf party which must be replaced to make things better.

“Nothing is going to change because we still have ZANU PF and Mnangagwa in office, even if we raise the dead to be a minister of health, as long as the person is under ZANU PF, it will not change anything,” said Dr Madzorera.

The MDC-A shadow minister of health blamed corruption in the President Mnangagwa’s camp as the reason why the country’s economy is on the edge.


“The government does not care about the health sector and its people, that is why they can nominate whoever they want no matter the person is fit for the position or not.

“The government is full of corruption, look at what is happening with the Covid-gate scandal. The appointment of VP Chiwenga is just a window dressing and playing with people’s mind to push time. The way they are managing coronavirus, they have no care about people’s lives people are dying, nurses have no protective clothing and people are not being cured,” he said.

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Chiwenga faces a herculean task of turning around the fortunes of the distressed health-care sector that is facing a host of challenges which includes a restless health care workforce demanding better wages, dilapidated hospitals and increasing Covid-19 cases.

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