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Amos Mahendere Blasted For Jealosy Remarks On Young Brother

Brothers and popular musicians Amos and Michael Mahendere are at each other’s throats in a development that has sparked a conversation on the internet.

The talented duo were once part of the revered Mahendere Brothers gospel music group, alongside their late father and other siblings, which later disbanded with members pursuing solo careers.

Attention was recently drawn to their musical journeys following Amos Mahendere’s allegations that his young brother, Minister Michael Mahendere, had stolen his plans to establish a recording studio and a gospel radio station.

Speaking to the Daily News, Amos Mahendere lamented, “…I feel my young brother is out to destroy and discredit my efforts.”

His utterances triggered furore among gospel music fans who criticised him for his jealousy.

“Amos you were one great great musician of our time but once you started mixing God’s call with Worldly things, you were never the same again! I think you should give credit to your brother for keeping the Mahendere name high up there. Don’t be bitter, support your sibling!” wrote one Facebook user Gift Dzitiro.

“Dont be bitter baba.. You had your season wani? Mahendere brothers was one of the greatest gospel bands back then. Now it is Michael’s time.. Let him have his moment in the spotlight please. Hatidi good,” another Agnes Chikeya added.

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“It’s ‘jealousy’ now talking apa, just open your own studio and station, just be happy for your young brother,” Brian Makanya.

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