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Anna ‘Chibaby’ Honde Shares Tips On Fighting Cyberbullying

Anna Honde

Popular actress, Anna ‘Chibaby’ Honde has taken to social media sharing advice on how to handle the cyberbullying scourge that has frustrated many to the grave.

In a recently shared Instagram post, Honde, who is also a victim of cyberbullying, addressed socialite, Mabrijo who often takes to social media priding herself for being ugly.

Honde advised Mabrijo to love herself better by shunning insults from cyberbullies who always label her ugly.

“@mabrijo wangu wakanaka with or without makeup. Don’t be conformable with reminding yourself kuti uri chibage coz people on social media are saying that. Deep down uriwega zvinotombokurwadza kuti nyika yese why ichinditi ndakashata,” wrote Honde.


She went on to narrate her life story on struggles with acne, and the tormentous bullying she endured from childhood to internet-age

“I grew up hated by my classmates vachindituka kuti ndakashata because of bundu randaiva naro mazuva iwayo. I hated myself zvekuti l remember not going to school ndichiswera kupark asi ndabva Kumba ndakapfeka school uniform. When I came on social media the bullies were on me again and I had to put an end to it,” Honde said before sharing the transformation journey, “andina gore ndatanga kuzvida Bridget. When I look pa mirror I see a beautiful human being. I need you to start telling your self kuti you are beautiful coz you are my love. Tozoshaya hedu zvikwanisiro but Kunaka hedu takanaka.”

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At one point, Honde broke down on social media, buckling to the intensity of bullying she was encountering over acne. Popular socialite, Madam Boss ended up assisting by airlifting her to South Africa for an appointment with a dermatologist.

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